About Us

TROMIK Technology Corporation is a computer science company located in central Arkansas. Founded in March of 1994 by partners Troy Rinker, Mike McLaughlin and Craig Luter. We have over 60 years combined database management and software development experience. We specialize in the development of distributed database systems and processes for people to use as tools to make their jobs better and easier.


TROMIK has been putting together systems of remote, linked databases since 1994. Although these systems have undergone numerous changes over the years to improve functionality for the customers, the basic concepts have remained the same and have not become outdated. This is in large part due to our philosophy to use and take advantage of the latest technologies to the greatest extent possible but not to become wedded to a technology that may make our systems obsolete. We want our customers to have the power to control their own destinies and not be dictated to by the external forces of a rapidly changing technology environment.

TROMIK is the only software company that customizes all migrant software to fit the needs of each state in order to accurately report to the Federal Government. You tell us what your needs are and we’ll make it happen!