17 May 2016

Go Mobile, Go Fast, GO ezPaper

Dear Customers,

TROMIK Technology is very excited to introduce its latest product, ezPaper.  And whether you’re a director, data-clerk, or recruiter, we’re sure that you are going to be excited, too!

We are attending the National Migrant Education Conference in April and would love to personally show you just how beneficial ezPaper will be for your department.

In the meantime, we’ve included a brief summary of what ezPaper is and some of the benefits it has to offer you.


  • What is ezPaper?

ezPaper is a cloud-based recruitment \ COE collection system that works with existing Migrant Education software.  Using ezPaper permits Recruiters to quickly and easily enter in COEs and, when they’re ready, make them immediately available to Reviewers for approval.

  • What are the benefits of ezPaper?

– Increased productivity for Recruiters.

With ezPaper, Recruiters can prepare multiple COEs prior to going out to meet with families.  Once they do meet with the families, they can simply open their pre-prepared COE and complete it with the missing information and Parent signatures.  Thus, reducing the amount of time spent entering data, and maximizing not only the number of families each user can serve, but the quality of time spent with them.

In addition, COEs needing corrections can be returned to recruiters within moments!

– Low overhead for Recruiters. 

ezPaper does not require software installation and will run on any device that has an internet connection and a modern browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.  This means that Recruiters are not bound to a single device, never have to deal with software updates, and need only carry lightweight devices (such as iPads) into the field.

Even better, using low cost Android and Apple devices compared to more expensive laptop devices can help ease budget constraints in your department.

– Ease of use for Recruiters. 

Since ezPaper works on any modern platform, you can provide your recruiters with whatever device they’re most familiar with.  Thus decreasing the amount of time needed to train users for a specific device.

With easy to recognize visuals and clear descriptions, ezPaper lets users know exactly where problem areas on their COEs are.

– Security

ezPaper uses encrypted, cloud-based communications.  This means that personally identifying information will never be accessible from a lost or stolen device.

We here at TROMIK Technology Corporation know how important it is that family move information be collected quickly and accurately.  And we have the tools to help your team do just that!  So, be sure to visit us at the conference in April or you may contact us at any time if you’d like to know more.  We would welcome the chance to visit with you.