12 Jul 2016

COEstar Updates

In the coming week we will begin releasing software updates related to additional Minimum Data Elements.  These updates will require some coordination to accomplish since they involve alterations to COEstar’s underlying database.  However, to speed the process up, we first wanted to send out these quick guidelines which will help to make this update run as quickly as possible.


  1. Soon, we will be sending you another email to coordinate when this update will occur.  Once a date has been determined, please do your best to address the two following points.


  1. Each Pen-Tablet will need to send Transaction Files to the Host for all of the new work they’ve done.  This will ensure that the Host Database will have all of the individual Pen-Tablet’s data.  Once this step is completed, it is recommended that each Pen-Tablet user stop entering any new data or modifying any existing data until their Pen-Tablet is fully updated with the new version of COEstar.


  1. In most cases, deploying these updates to mobile\pen-tablet devices will take approximately 20 to 30 minutes each.  Though, we here at TROMIK can connect to multiple devices at once so, this should speed the process up greatly.  However, if at all possible, having these mobile devices in one physical location will make the process much easier.


If any of these devices cannot be made available in your office, then we request that you provide us with the contact information for their users as well as informing those users so that they can make sure they have an internet connection ready.


  1. On the day that we deploy these updates, we will need to have access to each of your Host terminals.  If one of your Host terminals is not available on that day, we request that you please refrain from using COEstar on that station until it has been updated.


  1. Once a date for deployment has been determined for you, please inform your I.T. Department of this upcoming work in case any assistance may be needed.  Some potentially useful points of information for them are as follows.


* If your Host database runs on SQL Server then we will need to access it via SQL Server Management Studio.  Most Regions already have a Host terminal which has access to this application, but some do not.


* We will be remotely accessing devices with COEstar installed on them by using Bomgar.



Thanks for your time and, if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us!